When you need to sort, separate, convey, and classify materials, TUFFMAN® Equipment has a solution. Tuffman® is a major manufacturer of material recovery equipment, specializing in sorting stations, trommel screens, crossbelt magnets and conveyors. All Tuffman® products are made brand new, are constructed using new material, and can be custom made to order.

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Construction & Demolition Recycling Systems

C&D recycling is a highly profitable industry that is also beneficial for both the environment and the economy. Recycling C&D waste helps to reduce the production of greenhouse gases, as well as conserve landfill space and decrease the need for creating new landfills.

Tuffman® Equipment’s Complete C&D Solution can make the difficult task of construction and demolition easier. Each system comes equipped with a Tuffman® Sorting Station, Tuffman® Incline Feed Conveyors, a Tuffman® Trommel Screen or General Kinematics Vibratory Finger-Screen™ and a Tuffman® Fines Discharge Conveyor. These components make up the most cost-effective and versatile C&D Sorting Systems available on the market today.

Crossbelt Magnet Separators

Tuffman Crossbelt Magnet Separators provide a powerful yet efficient part of recycling systems for the separation of ferrous from a non-ferrous product found in municipal solid waste and hemp, sand, gravel, lumber mill by-products, debris, topsoil, glass, compost, rock, minerals, construction, and demolition waste. Widely used in the sorting of co-mingled refuse to remove steel cans, bottle caps, and more. 

Inclined Slider Conveyors

In addition to the infeed conveyor that comes standard with every Tuffman® recycling sorting station, Tuffman® also offers regular and heavy-duty incline slider belt conveyors. Inclined belt conveyors are great for multiple industries including automotive, transportation, manufacturing or recycling. Tuffman conveyors are perfect to feed the sorting material into a trommel screen or from the trommel screen to a sorting station. These conveyors are also ideal for moving products from one floor to another, or when moving delicate or fragile material. Inclined belt conveyors are designed to be run for extended periods of time with no drain inefficiency. 

Conveyors are available for individual purchase or as an add-on to any sorting station. Choose your desired length and quantity below to get an inquiry. Other options such as variable speed conveyor drives, belt cleaners, and other accessories are also available.

Trommel Sorting Systems

Tuffman® trommel systems are perfect for creating multiple size “cuts” of your materials. Each system comes equipped with a Tuffman® Incline Feed Conveyor, a Tuffman® Trommel Screen, and multiple Tuffman® Discharge Conveyors. When you put them all together you have a versatile sorting system for cleaning and upgrading your product.

Troughing Conveyors

Tuffman® troughing conveyors are heavy-duty, and designed to efficiently move your bulk materials, no matter how bulky. Tuffman conveyors use premium components to fully contain the load of materials and are manufactured to be easy to operate and maintain. Our troughing conveyors are built to give you years of service with minimum service required for upkeep. These conveyors are also built to easily comply with other machinery and work with any manufacturing and distributing industry. 

Choose your desired conveyor length and quantity below to get started on your inquiry. Conveyor options, such as variable speed conveyor drives, belt cleaners, and other accessories are also available to add to your inquiry.

Tuffman Horizontal Slider Conveyors

Our Tuffman® horizontal slider bed conveyors are available to accommodate any job in your facility. Horizontal conveyors can easily aid assembly and production lines, food handling and beverage product conveyors, and assist in loading and unloading trucks and trailers. Additionally, our horizontal conveyors also connect effortlessly to floor-to-floor or floor to mezzanine conveyors. No matter how you need your materials moved around your facility, our horizontal conveyors are up for the job. 

Choose your conveyor length and quantity and add to your inquiry below. Options such as variable speed conveyor drives, belt cleaners, and other accessories are also available to add to your inquiry.

Rotary Trommel Screen

Tuffman® Rotary Trommel Screens provide proper and consistent size separation and classification.

Trommel screens work through a process using the rotary trommel to separate and size material, providing high output screening of fines and other minus material. As the material passes through the trommel, the smaller debris falls through the screen openings, passing the larger material on for further processing, making trommel screens the best choice for pre-screening before a sorting station or other processes.

Tuffman® Rotary Trommel screens are excellent for excavation sifting and separating of materials and are used across multiple applications. To inquire more about trommel screens choose a size and click the button below. If you’re looking for additional machinery for your processing needs, check out our other available products.

Tuffman sand mixer

Sand Mixer

The TUFFMAN Sand Mixer combines General Kinematics’ proven water addition technology with on-belt sand mixing in one compact, efficient machine. The continuously controlled mixing prepares sand for further processing through agitation, aeration, mixing, and blending.

Sorting Stations

Tuffman® Sorting Stations are available in various sizes, including QC, 3-Bin, 4-Bin, 6-bin, 8-bin, and 12-bin models, and are ideal for sorting construction and demolition debris and municipal solid waste material. The perfect choice for high-volume recycling, material separation, and single-stream sorting of a commingled commercial waste stream. Each system includes an infeed trough conveyor and your choice of a roller bed or slider bed sort conveyor to fit your processing needs.