Stacker Conveyors

Tuffman® Stacker Conveyors are a heavy-duty solution built to transport bulk materials efficiently for loading, stockpiling, and more. Tuffman® stacking conveyors can transport bulk materials such as ores, aggregates, coal, and more into piles, allowing you to stockpile and load your products quickly and easily.

Tuffman® equipment is built to integrate into your existing facility to fit your needs best. We also offer add-ons such as customized hoppers, radial drive units, and catwalks. Our in-house engineering, controls, and field service team can integrate our stacker conveyors seamlessly into your existing systems, making them the perfect choice for an upgrade. Available for purchase in both custom and standard sizes.

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  • Standard stacker conveyor lengths come in 40’, 50’, and 60’
  • Available in custom lengths
  • Built with heavy-duty materials
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Integrates seamlessly into existing systems
  • Different belt options available depending on material handled (smooth, cleated)
  • 3 phase 460 volt drive


  • Can be built using stationary or radial designs
  • Crossbelt magnet integration
  • Custom infeed hopper
  • Fixed or variable speed controller
  • pull cord E-stop on one or both sides
  • Catwalks


A render of a Tuffman Stacker Conveyor A render of a Tuffman Stacker Conveyor A render of a Tuffman Stacker Conveyor


What is a Stacker Conveyor?

Stacker conveyors are a specialized type of conveyor used to move bulk materials such as aggregates, ores, and woodchips. It elevates the material on an inclined belt, allowing you to make large piles of material.

What is a Radial Stacker Conveyor?

Radial stacking conveyors are a special type of stacker conveyor whose supports feature a pivot point at the tail and powered wheels that allow it to pivot from side to side, allowing you to make larger or multiple material piles.


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“The team at Tuffman Equipment have been great to work with throughout the whole processes of procuring and commissioning our trommel. All questions were quickly responded to which allowed me to build out the exact model with the options that we required. The equipment showed up on time and in great condition, it was immediately evident that the trommel has a great design and was well built with quality workmanship.”

Kris Heshka, VP – Operations

KF Hemp Corp.