Tuffman Bucket Elevator

Easily elevate your material in a small footprint with TUFFMAN bucket elevators. TUFFMAN bucket elevators are ideal for conveying many bulk materials such as sand, pellets, ash, shot, or powder. These bucket elevators feature a centrifugal discharge and can handle up to 175 tons per hour standard. The material transfer buckets are made of nylon material or ductile iron, capable of handling extreme temperatures. Contact TUFFMAN today to find the perfect bucket elevator for your system!

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  • Heavy-duty
  • Easy operation
  • Longer service life
  • Customizable
  • Capable of handling large capacities
  • Winged tail pulley to prevent belt damage
  • Lagged head pulley for wear protection and prevention of belt slipping
  • Rubber belting
  • Nylon or ductile iron buckets are available



  • Boot section is a quarter-inch plate
  • Midsection is 7 gauge formed housing
  • Head section is welded quarter-inch plate

Ease of Maintenance

  • Service platform on head section
  • Split half-removable hoods on the head pulley
  • Two removable inspection doors
  • Two removable clean-out doors
  • Dual seal screw takeups on the boot section for easy access
  • Bolt-on inlet chute for easy replacement and customization


“The team at Tuffman Equipment have been great to work with throughout the whole processes of procuring and commissioning our trommel. All questions were quickly responded to which allowed me to build out the exact model with the options that we required. The equipment showed up on time and in great condition, it was immediately evident that the trommel has a great design and was well built with quality workmanship.”

Kris Heshka, VP – Operations 

KF Hemp Corp.

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