TUFFMAN® Conveyors

Conveyors are vital in many industries. These can be used for transporting recycling goods across a line, or feeding and sorting material into a screen. When looking for high quality equipment built to last, Tuffman is your friend in the industry. Our products are built with high standards and some customization fit for your needs. Let’s first cover the different types of conveyor systems available and what they are used for. Conveyor systems can be used for municipal solid waste (MSW) recovery, curbside recycling, hemp & cannabis, construction and demolition (C&D) debris recovery, and a wide variety of sorting applications.

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Horizontal Slider Conveyors

Tuffman® horizontal slider conveyors are perfect for moving various materials across facility floors. Tuffman creates long-lasting, durable machines that are easily implemented into various applications. Whether being used in production lines, recycling plants, or assembly lines, Tuffman conveyors are the prime choice for your business needs.

Inclined Slider Conveyors

In addition to the feed conveyor that comes standard with every Tuffman® recycling sorting station, Tuffman® also offers regular and heavy-duty incline slider belt conveyors. Inclined belt conveyors are great for multiple industries including automotive, transportation, manufacturing, or recycling. Tuffman conveyors are perfect to feed the sorting material into a trommel screen or from the trommel screen to a sorting station. These conveyors are also ideal for moving products from one floor to another, or when moving delicate or fragile material. Inclined belt conveyors are designed to be run for extended periods of time with no drain in efficiency. 

Conveyors are available for individual purchase or as an add-on to any sorting station. 

Troughing Conveyors

Tuffman troughing conveyors are heavy-duty, and designed to efficiently move your bulk materials. Tuffman conveyors use premium components and are manufactured to be easy to operate and maintain. Conveyor options, such as variable speed conveyor drives, belt cleaners, and other accessories are also available.