Troughing Conveyors

Troughing conveyors are heavy-duty and designed to efficiently move bulk materials. These conveyors are built to manage heavy loads and continuous strain without difficulty. Tuffman conveyors use premium components to fully contain a load of materials while being easy to operate and maintain. These conveyors are built to easily comply with other machinery in a conveyor system and are useful in any manufacturing and distributing industry. 

Choose your desired conveyor length and quantity below to get started on your inquiry. Conveyor options, such as variable speed conveyor drives, belt cleaners, and other accessories are also available to add to your inquiry.

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“The team at Tuffman Equipment have been great to work with throughout the whole processes of procuring and commissioning our trommel. All questions were quickly responded to which allowed me to build out the exact model with the options that we required. The equipment showed up on time and in great condition, it was immediately evident that the trommel has a great design and was well built with quality workmanship.”

Kris Heshka, VP – Operations

KF Hemp Corp.

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