Rotary Trommel Screen

Tuffman® Rotary Trommel Screens provide proper and consistent size separation and classification, useful in many industries.

Trommel screens work through a process using the rotary trommel to separate and size material, providing high output screening of fines and other minus material. As the material passes through the trommel, the smaller debris falls through the screen openings, passing the larger material on for further processing, making trommel screens the best choice for pre-screening before a sorting station or other processes. Think of a trommel screen as a large sifter for materials that then sorts them by size.

Tuffman® Rotary Trommel screens are excellent for excavation, sifting, and separating of materials and are used across multiple applications. To inquire more about Tuffman trommel screens choose a size and click the button below. 

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  • Trommel screens are available in a variety of diameters and lengths. Sizes range from (3’) diameter x (10’) long to (8’) diameter x (30’) long. 
  • Wire mesh screen and perforated plate screen options depending on the application. 
  • Heavy-duty frame with 4 (four) support legs and adjustable feet for a 0-4 degree decline. 
  • Chain and sprocket drive system with a body that rolls on polymer caster wheels.  
  • 3-phase 460 volt electric motor.


Model Diameter Length Screen Sections Rows of Flights Chutes Underneath Motor Size Estimated TPH
310 3′ 10′ 1 3 1 5 HP 20
415 4′ 15′ 2 4 2 5 HP 40
618 6′ 18′ 3 4 3 10 HP 70
722 7′ 22′ 3 5 3 10 HP 105
822 8′ 22′ 3 5 3 10 HP 120
830 8′ 30′ 3 5 3 10 HP 180


Tuffman® Stationary rotary trommel screens are used in any sifting or separation work and are useful for a variety of applications, including:


  • Feed chute
  • Feed conveyor
  • Discharge chute
  • Discharge conveyor
  • Fines discharge chute
  • Fines discharge conveyor
  • Custom screen sizes
  • Bolt-in screens
  • Removable dust enclosure
  • Cleaning brushes
  • Custom discharge height
  • Variable frequency drive

Frequently Asked Questions

What size are trommel screens?

Trommel screens range in lengths and diameters as different jobs require different specifications. Sizes range from (3’) diameter x (10’) long to (8’) diameter x (30’) long. 

How does a trommel screen work?

The rotating drum spins the material and sifts it through different-sized screens, sorting the materials by size as needed.

What is the design of a trommel screen?

Trommels are rotating screens within a cylindrical tube. Trommels are open on both ends and may have a small incline so the material can move through, paired with the rotating screen. The screens can be made of a plate with holes in it, a wireframe, or other materials depending on materials that need sorting.




“The team at Tuffman Equipment have been great to work with throughout the whole processes of procuring and commissioning our trommel. All questions were quickly responded to which allowed me to build out the exact model with the options that we required. The equipment showed up on time and in great condition, it was immediately evident that the trommel has a great design and was well built with quality workmanship.”

Kris Heshka, VP – Operations

KF Hemp Corp.

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