Construction & Demolition Recycling Systems

C&D recycling is a highly profitable industry that is also beneficial for both the environment and the economy. Recycling C&D waste helps to reduce the production of greenhouse gases, as well as conserve landfill space and decrease the need for creating new landfills.

Tuffman® Equipment’s Complete C&D Solution can make the difficult task of construction and demolition easier. Each system comes equipped with a Tuffman® Sorting Station, Tuffman® Incline Feed Conveyors, a Tuffman® Trommel Screen and a Tuffman® Trommel Discharge Conveyor System. These components make up the most cost-effective and versatile C&D Sorting System available on the market today.

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Tuffman® C&D Heavy Duty Stationary Sorting Stations Include:

  • 2 (Two) Tuffman® Incline Feed Conveyors
  • 1 (One) Tuffman® Trommel Discharge Conveyor
  • 1 (One) Tuffman® Sorting Station
  • 1 (One) Tuffman® Model TS722 Stationary Trommel Screen