Tuffman® 4-Man “Mini” Sorting Station with Double-Wide Bins

Listing Number: SS4MMDW
Item Condition: New
Price: $36,500.00

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Tuffman® 4-Man “Mini” Sorting Station with Double-Wide Bins

Tuffman® 4-Man “Mini” Sorting Station with Double-Wide Bins – 25′ long x 32″ wide picking table with 8 (eight) 36″ x 60″ chutes with 52″ clearance for gaylords or dumpsters. Each conveyor powered by a 2 hp, 3-phase electric motor. Comes equipped with 20′ x 32″ feed conveyor. Optional magnetic head pulley separator with a ferrous separator chute. Excellent for plastics, papers and other light recyclables.

System Specifications for Tuffman® 4-Man “Mini” Sorting Station with Double-Wide Bins

  • 4 (four) pairs of double-wide bins—each opens as 36″ x 60″ to allow each sorter to sort 2 (two) different items
  • Bed constructed of 12 gauge carbon steel plate
  • 30″ overall belt width, 32″ overall conveyor width
  • 6″ x 32″ lagged head pulleys
  • 6″ x 32″ self-cleaning tail pulleys
  • Feed conveyor is 20′ long
  • Sorting table is 25′ long
  • Both conveyors have 150 solid woven PVC belt
  • Each conveyor is powered by a 2 hp, 480 V, 3-phase electric motor
  • Each conveyor has a 40:1 gear reducer
  • Each conveyor has Yaskawa V1000 Variable Frequency Drive, rheostatic speed controls and start/stop for operator
  • 60 Hz power input
  • Sorting table equipped with emergency control cable accessible by each sorter
  • 3 (three) sets of 3″ x 3″ x 1/4″ angle iron legs
  • Removable hopper on feed conveyor
  • Sorting conveyor has sides with ≈ 4″ above sorting belt

System Options for Tuffman® 4-Man “Mini” Sorting Station with Double-Wide Bins

  • Crossbelt magnet
  • Magnetic head pulley
  • Customized leg heights and spacings, conveyor width, belt type
  • Hydraulic drive
  • Bag breaker and trommel screen options
  • Portable or stationary generator options
  • Right angle feed for additional price
  • Reinforced structure for light construction and demolition debris
  • Available in a variety of different voltage inputs
Industrial information about our Tuffman® 4-Man “Mini” Sorting Station with Double-Wide Bins:
Materials that can be processed: mixed paper, cardboard, municipal solid waste, mixed plastics (ground), construction, electronic scrap (e-waste)
Process: sorting materials or picking materials
Industrial use: Sorting stations are primarily used in material recovery facilities (MRFs) to sort municipal solid waste. These systems help recyclers to maximize the value of recovered materials such as plastic, paper and aluminum. Sorting stations are also excellent for recovering electronic (e-waste) and industrial waste.