Tuffman®-Eriez® 30TPH Metal Separation System

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Tuffman®-Eriez® 30TPH Metal Separation System

Tuffman®-Eriez® 30TPH Metal Separation System – designed to process electronic waste (e-waste) or automotive shredder residue (ASR) and separate out ferrous and non-ferrous metals. 30 ton input to shredder and trommel screen yields 15 tons of material post-magnet process.


The Tuffman®-Eriez® Metal Separation System begins with a shredder. Once the material is shredded, it travels to a Tuffman® Trommel Screen via a Tuffman® Incline Conveyor. The trommel screen establishes a common-sized material to run across the Eddy Current Separator downstream. The Tuffman® Trommel allows shredded material less than 1.5” to run downstream. Material larger than 1.5” gets recirculated through the shredder.

The small fines travel up another incline conveyor to a drum magnet and an Eriez® Eddy Current Separator. The drum magnet removes ferrous metals from the stream. The self-cleaning separator uses a patented heavy duty Kevlar/ceramic surface rotor shell and high frequency Eddy fields for optimum separation of materials.

The remaining shredded e-waste travels up one final Tuffman® Incline Conveyor to an Eriez® ProSort II Metal Recovery System. The ProSort II Airless Metal Recovery System requires 75 percent less energy than an air-driven sorter. This machine operates very well in cold weather conditions and has a low operating cost. The ProSort II has sensor-activated paddles that deflect detected metals.


Tuffman® Conveyors – The Tuffman® Conveyors have 150 solid woven PVC belt and are powered by 2 hp, 480 V, 3-phase electric motors with 40:1 gear reducers. Conveyors feature a Yaskawa V1000 Variable Frequency Drive, rheostatic speed controls and start/stop for operator.

Tuffman® Trommel Screen – The Tuffman® TS722HD Heavy Duty Stationary Trommel Screen is powered by a 10 hp, 3-phase electric motor with a 25:1 gear reducer. The barrel is 22′ long x 7′ diameter. Comes with option of 1″, 2″, 3″ or 4″ screen openings made of .25″ perforated steel plate. Screen is mounted on a heavy duty frame with 4 (four) support legs at a 5 degree slope with operator controls. The Tuffman® Trommel Screen can be built with multiple sizes for parallel sorting lines, which will greatly increase quality and production.

Eriez® Ferrous Magnetic Drum Separator – The Eriez® Ferrous Magnetic Drum Separator is ideal for processing e-waste and automotive shredder residue (ASR). The steel hopper has a non-magnetic stainless steel portion near the drum to prevent the hopper from being magnetically induced. The material is fed in through the top where a revolving cylinder carries it over a stationary magnet. The magnetic field attracts and holds ferrous metals beyond the discharge of the cleaned product flow. Ferrous metals are then released into a separate discharge as they leave the magnetic field. The unit comes equipped with a standard direct drive 3-phase electric motor and is available in a wide range of sizes.

Eriez® Eddy Current Separator – The Eriez® Eddy Current Separator is 1.5 meters wide and features an eccentric magnetic rotor for separation of non-ferrous metals. This unit is designed with an eccentrically mounted magnetic rotor within the non-conductive larger diameter shell. The eccentric rotor design reduces long term wear due to heated ferrous build up. The separator plate is easily adjusted for changeover between different batches of materials, which is particularly helpful in batches containing a high percentage of circuit boards. In this case, the separator plate can be adjusted out to reject all circuit boards to the ProSort downstream. This set up will yield a very high grade of non-ferrous collected at the Eddy Current Separator.

Eriez® ProSort II – The 55″ Eriez® ProSort II features sensor-activated electromagnetic paddles that deflect detected metals remaining in the waste stream. The use of electromagnetic paddles means no air compressors, air valves or air cylinders, which require frequent and expensive maintenance. The electromagnetic paddles also require 75 percent less energy to operate than air-operated sorters and are practically impervious to extreme weather issues, such as frozen air lines. The result is a superior sorting system with a very low operating cost.

System Option for the Tuffman®-Eriez® 30TPH Metal Separation System

  • Available in a variety of different voltage inputs


Industrial information about our Tuffman®-Eriez® 30TPH Metal Separation System :
Materials that can be processed: electronic waste, automotive shredder residue (ASR)
Process: separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals from e-waste and ASR
Industrial use: The Tuffman®-Eriez® Metal Separation System is specially designed to separate out ferrous and non-ferrous metals in e-waste and ASR and can be configured to suit client’s individual project needs.