Tuffman® 35′ Heavy Duty Aggregate Troughing Conveyor

Listing Number: IC35HDT
Item Condition: New
Price: $38,500.00

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Tuffman® 35′ Heavy Duty Aggregate Troughing Conveyor

NEW Tuffman® 35′ Heavy Duty Aggregate Troughing Conveyor – 35′ in overall length. Powered by a 10 hp, 3-phase electric motor with a 15:1 gear reducer for added torque.

  • Comes standard with legs that incline from ground level at feed to height of 5′ clearance below the head pulley
  • 36″ overall belt width
  • 20″ lagged head pulley and 20″ self-cleaning tail pulley to assist with keeping loose materials from accumulating under the conveyor belt
  • CEMA D 5″ troughing idlers
  • Heavy duty conveyor belt is built for harsh materials at 3-ply 1/4″ x 1/16″ and is heat rated for 400° F
  • 36″, 20 degrees trough rollers for excellent material containment
  • Belt speed is 300′ per minute
  Materials that can be processed: Gravel, sand, rock, coal, iron ore, and other minerals  
  Process: Use troughing conveyors to contain bulk materials and efficiently transport from one area to another. The troughing ensures that material loaded on the feed portion of the belt is not lost as it moves along the conveyor.  
  Industrial use: Virtually all industries use conveyors to move materials from one area to another or from one elevation to another. Material recovery facilities (MRF) frequently use a conveyor as part of a sorting system to separate and prepare recyclable materials for end-user manufacturers. The use of a conveyor reduces manual labor as well as the possibility of workplace injuries.