Recycling materials

Single Stream Recycling

What is Single Stream Recycling? Single stream recycling is the term used by waste professionals to describe the practice of depositing all recyclable materials into one bin and sorting them out later using technology. Single stream recycling is easy to love for those of us who have spent our lives methodically separating plastic, glass, paper,…

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Material Handling Equipment

Material handling equipment (MHE) is a broad category encompassing different types of mechanical equipment used to handle, store, control, and protect material throughout the processes in its life cycle from production and distribution processes to consumption and disposal processes.  There are several different categories of equipment underneath the MHE umbrella. Transport equipment is used to…


Hemp Processing

Hemp, and by extension, Hemp processing, is a booming industry in the United States. Industrial hemp, which is non-psychoactive, refers to the parts of the cannabis plant grown and processed specifically for industrial use. The appearance of hemp in medicinal products, skincare, and beauty products, oil and vitamin supplements, building materials, biofuel, and even pet…

Tuffman Parts

Tuffman Conveyor Systems

What Are Conveyor Systems? No matter what facility you’re working in, you know that a crucial part of the operation involves material handling: manufacturing, movement, sorting, processing, and disposal. Typically, these processes are handled by a variety of conveyors, and although most conveyors can be used as standalone equipment, they are more powerful when they’re…