Vibrating Feeder

What is a Vibrating Feeder? A vibrating feeder is an instrument that utilizes vibrations and gravity to feed materials through a process at a determined speed and output. This allows for constant, and controlled speed and output of various materials. A vibrating feeder can be used in various applications.   How Does a Vibrating Feeder Work? …


The Benefits of Paper Recycling

One of the most common forms of municipal solid waste (MSW) recycling is paper recycling. Paper is a commonly used resource in the U.S. and recycling this material can significantly benefit the environment. Each ton of recycled paper can save 7,000 gallons of water, 3.5 cubic yards of landfill space, 17 thirty-foot trees and 4,100 kWh…

Rotary Trommels and Screen System

Tuffman® Equipment Offers Custom Solutions

With custom-manufactured sorting systems, trommel screens, conveyors, and crossbelt magnets, Tuffman® Equipment provides custom solutions for the material handling industry. Whether you are starting a new material recovery facility (MRF) or expanding an existing one, Tuffman® products offer the ideal solution. Sorting stations—also known as picking tables—are used to separate recyclables, such as paper, plastics,…