Tuffman® Trommel Screens Useful in Cleanup Operations

Trommel screens can be used for any type of sifting work. As the screened cylinder rotates, it separates material by size, letting the smaller pieces pass through the openings while keeping the larger pieces inside. Trommels are useful in a variety of jobs, including compost production and the separation of sand or gravel, lumber mill by-products and municipal solid waste (MSW). The screens separate the biodegradable fraction of mixed MSW, making them a smart and convenient addition to any material recovery facility (MRF).

Trommel screens are also useful in excavation sifting. They can separate the debris into top soil to be sold to farms, nurseries and site-work, and rock that can be cleaned and used for aggregates and landscaping. This separation allows the contractor to resell the waste instead of having to pay for the transportation and disposal of the material.

Tuffman® Equipment offers custom-manufactured trommel screens in stationary and portable designs. Our equipment has been used around the world, from tsunami cleanup in Japan to postwar cleanup in Afghanistan to waste and curbside recycling in Malta, Nigeria and Canada.

Looking for a specific size? We currently offer trommel screens in a variety of heavy duty and portable sizes. Learn more here and contact us today!

Tuffman Rotary Trommels

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