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Separate Tramp Iron from Granular Materials

The Tuffman® MDS 18″ – 30″ Magnetic Drum Sorter separates tramp iron from granular or pulverized materials such as plastics, food, grains, tobacco, fertilizers, automotive shredder residues, and many more commingled materials. Because of the variety of materials it can process, this magnetic drum sorter has uses in a multitude of industries including the aggregate, […]

Hydraulically Driven Portable Tuffman® Trommel Screen

The Tuffman® Model TS722PH Portable Trommel Screen is ideal for excavation sifting and separating municipal solid waste, as well as the treatment of waste water. It is also used to process sand, gravel, lumber mill by-products, debris, topsoil, glass, compost, rock, minerals, and sludge.  This trommel screen offers the convenience of portability, is hydraulically driven, […]