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Variety of Tuffman® Conveyor Styles Available

Tuffman® Equipment is experienced in manufacturing a variety of conveyor styles. Tuffman® Conveyors make the sorting and preparing of recyclable materials for end-users easier and also minimizes the risk of work place injuries. Tuffman® Conveyor styles range from portable options for systems on the go to heavy duty conveyors to meet most project specifications. Not […]

Convey Heavy Duty Materials

This Tuffman® 42′ Heavy Duty Feed Conveyor with Metering Wheel and Crossbelt Magnet is used as part of a sorting system to separate and prepare recyclable materials for end user manufacturers. System Specifications: 48″ overall belt width, 44″ usable belt width 20″ x 50″ lagged head pulley 14″ x 50″ self-cleaning tail pulley Conveyor belt – […]