Tuffman® CBS 42″ Crossbelt Magnet

Listing Number: CBS42
Item Condition: New
Price: $13,300

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Tuffman® CBS 42″ Crossbelt Magnet

NEW Tuffman® CBS 42″ Crossbelt Magnet – powered by a 3/4 hp, 230/460 V, 3-phase electric motor. Belt is made of heavy duty cleated rubber. Maximum belt speed is 155 fpm. 67″ long x 18″ wide belt surface; 38″ long x 16″ wide magnet. Ideal for recycling operations and widely used in the sorting of commingled materials (steel cans, bottle caps, etc). Also available in 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 48″ and 60″ magnets.

Industrial information about our Tuffman® CBS 42″ Crossbelt Magnet:
Materials that can be processed: ferrous from non-ferrous materials, including electronic scrap (e-waste), nuts, bolts, steel cans, bottle caps, pellets, tire wire and banding
Process: sorting of commingled items for separation and removal of tramp iron from fast-moving conveyors
Industrial use: Crossbelt magnets are suspended above a conveyor belt or vibrating conveyor. They are excellent in various applications including coal processing, aggregate recycling, crushing and shredding applications, concrete and asphalt recycling, scrap yard recycling, slag processing, tire recycling and wood processing.