Tuffman® 34′ Fines Incline and Feed Conveyor

Listing Number: IC34F
Item Condition: New
Price: $34,400.00

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Tuffman® 34′ Fines Incline and Feed Conveyor

NEW Tuffman® 34′ Fines Incline and Feed Conveyor – 34′ long x 42″ wide. Powered by a 5 hp, 3-phase electric motor with a 25:1 shaft mounted gear reducer.

  • Comes standard with a 30″ wide chevron V cleated belt to ensure material conveyance at steep angles without load slips or fall back
  • Includes a 73″ x 66″ x 39″ removable grizzly feed hopper to prevent over sized materials from entering the system and 1/2″ thick UHMW side skirting to eliminate fines spillage

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  Materials that can be processed: Wood, steel, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, glass, paper, municipal solid waste, and hundreds more  
  Process: Place feed conveyor at the beginning of a conveyor system or other equipment. Load the feed conveyor with material and adjust the speed to control the rate and amount of material fed into the process. Use incline conveyors to change elevation of the material during conveyance. This conveyor simultaneously functions as a feed conveyor, incline conveyor, and metering conveyor when equipped with variable speed control and hopper.  
  Industrial use: Virtually all industries use conveyors to move materials from one area to another or from one elevation to another. Use a fines conveyor to transport fine materials in numerous industries, including the mining and construction and demolition debris industries.