Construction and Demolition Processing

The construction, renovation, and demolishing of road and structures leaves behind a mixture of waste material, ranging from wood and glass to drywall and metal. These wastes take up significant space in landfills and properly disposing of it is no easy task.

Processing construction and demolition (C&D) debris is a great way to separate various materials for reuse, create revenue potential, and lower disposal costs in an environmentally friendly way.

Examples range from masonry waste (brick and concrete), which can be used as a filler to wood, which can be processed to generate wood chips that are used as fuel or in manufactured wood products.

To manage you construction and demolition debris, we offer the most cost-effective and versatile C&D solutions available on the market, including Tuffman® Sorting Stations (portable and stationary models), Tuffman® Conveyors, Tuffman® Trommel Screens, and Tuffman® Crossbelt Magnets.

Each Tuffman® product is built strong to handle the toughest materials and custom fabricated to meet specific project sizes and other requirements.

Constructing a plan for C&D waste starts with a Tuffman® system. Contact us today to get started.